Gin Musing in Tree.jpg

Like all good ideas, Belfast Gin Map was first imagined over a cold drink on a hot summer day. It was July 2017 and some exciting things had been happening in Northern Ireland. An incredible array of local distilleries had emerged and Belfast mixologists were putting their creative flair to use on the new and delicious gins gaining popularity at home and abroad.

Enter Anya, a passionate gin fan with a love for her home city and its best-kept secrets. Her vision was simple: to showcase and celebrate the best of Belfast's emerging gin scene.

Starting as little more than a fanciful musing, the idea to create a gin map for the city soon gained momentum.  And, after months of pondering and playing with its design, the map was born in the summer of 2018.

Each location featured on the map has been researched and road-tested the old-fashioned way: by speaking with gin connoisseurs and visiting their esteemed watering holes to sip and savour the fare. Many did not make the cut. Those who did have something unique and special to tell you about their gin offer.

The result is a hand-picked pocket-map for the perfect pour, a foraged field-guide for the thirsty and the ultimate independent tour of Belfast city. Enjoy!